Money Blueprint Joys

You might not see the joys of a Money Blueprint right away. In fact, when you are first start to do your Money Blueprint, you can become quite frustrated with the whole process. However, once you have a Money Blueprint in place, you are going to see something very strange happen. You are going to stop living in crisis mode.

When your Money Blueprint is in place, you are going to see where you are going to spend your money the following month. Another incredible thing that you are going to experience is you’re going to feel like you received a large raise. The reason this happens is because now you are accounting for every single dollar of your money. You know the inflow and the outflow. You have eliminated all those impulse items that were eating away at your money. You are accounting for your cash expenses. No more wondering what happened to that $20 you had in your purse or wallet.

Another wonderful joy of a Money Blueprint is that you eliminate money wars. In the beginning, you will experience disagreements when you do your Money Blueprint. She might want more money going towards food and he might want more money going to entertainment. Just remember that in the beginning the disagreements will occur. However, in the long-term when you work together as one, you are going to come together in achieving your goals, your dreams, your finances, and your marriage. Working together on your finances might even save your marriage.

You no longer will be playing the blame game. You will eliminate the accusations you previously launched at each other, such as, “I can’t believe you spent that much money on your golf game, or on your new wardrobe.”

A Money Blueprint provides freedom from guilt, shame, and fear that in the past were associated with providing for your family’s needs. You have a plan and the plan works when you follow it. You won’t be wondering whether there’s enough money in your checking account to pay for food when you go to the grocery store. What a joy to have such freedom!

Additionally, you won’t have any more bounced checks or bounced check fees, or overdrafts, or overspending. When you stick to your blueprint, you eliminate these things from your life. You eliminate items that in the past might have caused you stress and anxiety in your life. You are in control.

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