Out-to-lunch Money Blueprints

At the onset, let’s make something abundantly clear Money Blueprints work when they are made and used. On the other hand, if you make your Money Blueprint, but don’t adhere to it, then it will definitely and positively not work. Sometimes, you’ve make your Money Blueprint and it’s not working. This is not the Money Blueprint’s fault. It just means that you have to play with it. You need to make adjustments to it.

Did you leave something off? Communicate with each other about expenses that came up during the previous month. Did you forget to account for the children’s extracurricular activity fees? Did the car’s tire end up flat? While you might not have a line item on your Money Blueprint that says Flat tires, you should have a line item for car repairs. These expenses are part of your Life/Everything Else category. If your Life/Everything Else category is underfunded, then you need to increase it. If you do increase it, then you need to decrease another category. Your Money Blueprint will need some adjustments in the beginning. However, as you start living off of it, you’ll soon find that it’s not that difficult to make it work.

Do not make your Money Blueprint overcomplicated. Remember K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid. I am not calling you stupid. I am just letting you know that it needs to be simple. When you overcomplicate it, your Free Spirit, is apt to run off screaming. You are doomed to failure when you overcomplicate it. If you stick to a simple budget, you will succeed.

Remember to make the Money Blueprint each month and live on it. Don’t let the month end before you make next month’s budget. You need to schedule a date and time each month when you will sit down and make your next month’s budget. If you’re married, remember that you both need to present in mind, body, and spirit.

Married couples – if you set the date and time and only one of you shows up, you are short one body. If both show up, but only one of you is focused on getting it done, you are short one mind. If only one of you shows enthusiasm for making your budget work and living on it, you are one spirit short.
Singles – If you schedule the date and time for you to do your budget and you forget to get it done, you are one body short. If you sit down to do your budget, but instead start surfing the web or thinking about something else, you are one mind short. If you have a half-hearted attitude about your budget and no enthusiasm for making your budget and living on it, you are one spirit short.

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