Some of you might have a spouse that is not on the same page as you about getting your finances in order. Nor do they want to have a meeting, much less get a budget done. How do you deal with this reluctance? Do you beg, demand, nag, whine, or manipulate them into working with you? The answer is absolutely not! Doing any of these things will create resentment and anger. They will never join you.

Instead, you need to communicate with them in a loving and understanding way. Explain to them why this is important to you and to God. Let them know that everything you both have being calling mine or ours is not yours. It all belongs to God. Be honest with them about how you feel when there’s no money to pay the bills each month. Explain to them that by having a plan for the money, you’ll be able to save money and have money in the bank. Ask them how they would feel if they had thousands of dollars put away. Get them excited about it by sharing your enthusiasm with them about this entire process. When spouses love each other, they want to make their spouse happy. If they see that this is important to you and that it will make you happy, they will want to make you happy and sit down for the meeting.

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Debt fatigue

Debt Fatigue

In the prior post, we talked about debt being a four letter word. Before we get into the methods of eliminating debt, let’s find our about debt fatigue. Debt fatigue occurs when you have been debt for so long that you are simply worn-out.

The Four Letter Word

The Four-Letter Word

The four-letter word is debt. Debt is killing Americans, not physically but emotionally. Debt causes stress and strife. It can cause couples to argue. Couples blame one another for the albatross of debt they have. It almost seems insurmountable.

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