Remaining Eight

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Remaining Eight

I don’t think I need to cover the remaining eight categories. You need to look at each category, including the six previously covered, and make any adjustments you need. If you don’t need all the subcategories, take them out. If you find that you are missing subcategories, then add them.

This is your money blueprint. You adjust it as you see fit. If you’re married, this “you” refers to both of you. You are a couple and financial decisions need to be made together. When you consider your spouse, you will find that there is more harmony in your marriage. If only one of you works outside the home, you still need to make ALL financial decisions together. Being the breadwinner does not entitle you to be the bully in the financial decisions.

Work on your money blueprint together. Prepare your money blueprint before the next month begins. In later posts, I’ll address this some more.


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